Bert Trautmann The Keeper Movie

Trailer of Upcoming Drama “The Keeper” – True Story of Bert Trautmann

An extraordinary tale of love, forgiveness and overcoming the odds, The Keeper tells the incredible true story of footballing legend Bert Trautmann. The Keeper will be released in UK cinemas on 5 April and in Germany on March 14!

Bert Trautmann joined the Luftwaffe early on during World War 2 at the age of 17. In 1942, he became a Fallschirmjäger (Paratrooper) and fought on the Eastern Front for three years. Shortly before D-Day, Bert Trautmann was transferred to France to train new recruits. He fought in several desperate delaying actions across France, and then at Arnhem; by now he had been awarded two Iron Crosses and promoted to corporal.

He was captured by the British as the war drew to a close. Trautmann was transferred to a prisoner-of-war camp in Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire. Trautmann refused an offer of repatriation, and following his release in 1948, settled in Lancashire, combining farm work with playing goalkeeper for a local football team, St Helens Town.

Bert Trautmann

Bert Trautmann was named FWA Footballer of the Year for 1956 and became a football legend for his performance in the 1956 FA Cup Final. With 17 minutes of the match remaining, Trautmann suffered a serious injury while diving at the feet of Birmingham City’s Peter Murphy. But he kept playing, securing a 3-1 win for his team, making several crucial saves. An X-Ray later revealed his neck was broken.

Trautmann died in July 2013. The Keeper is directed by Marcus H. Rosenmüller and starring are David Kross, Freya Mavor and John Henshaw.