Lost in Klessin - WW2 Movie

Trailer of Upcoming WW2 Movie “Lost in Klessin” Released

Verloren in Klessin (Lost in Klessin) focuses on the events that took place near the river Oder in February/March 1945. While the Russians moved closer towards German home ground and towards Berlin forces were drawn to Klessin, a small village located not far from a strategic crossing over the river Oder. At the same time refugees from former German territories already in Russian control pass the area. Captain von Stock and his battle group come upon a trek of refugees and aide them find shelter and rest before they continue their journey to the west. The narration alternates between the military and political events of the time and the deeply personal relationship between Captain von Stock and a small girl who lost her mother fleeing from the approaching Red Army.

After “We were Comrades” (Wir Waren Kameraden) by Heintje Peter, his second feature length film called Lost in Klessin (Verloren in Klessin) is now ready for post production. The War-Movie team has wrapped up shooting in May of this year and again, just like their first film-project, all they have achieved was made possible by the help of many enthusiasts and volunteers in front of and behind the cameras.

However again, the war-movie team is seeking support of its fans and all means raised by pre orders will be used for sound editing in 5.1 Dolby surround and elaborate visual effects. “We wish to create an outstanding film for our audience and all those who supported us and continue to do so”, according to War-Movie.

They have set up a Indiegogo page (you can pre-order the DVD here for 15 EUR, shipping worldwide and available with PayPal) or you are able to pre-order the DVD via Peter-Filmproduktion for 16 EUR (Europe and available with IBAN). The DVD will have English subtitles. Also 1 EUR goes to a fund to sponsor a memorial for fallen German and Russian soldiers in Klessin!

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