U-Boot Mann Horst Bredow Passed Away

Sad news has come to us all after receiving the news that Horst Bedrow, Founder and Director of the U-Boot Archiv, passed away this weekend. Peter Monte of the German U-Boat Museum Foundation, wrote:

it is my sad duty to inform you on behalf of Annemarie Bredow that Horst Bredow has passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon, Sunday, 22nd of Feb 2015, in his house at Altenbruch.

Horst Bredow in 1944 (Credit: Uboat.net)
Horst Bredow in 1944 (Credit: Uboat.net)

There will be no funeral service and other forms of gathering, since Horst has declared his last will his ashes to be given to the sea quietly.

Annemarie has asked me to let you know that she will continue leading the “Foundation German U-Boat Museum” as chairman as disposed by Horst Bredow building on the support of the friends of the Museum and Archive. Therefore, it is firm intent to carry on with the work of the Museum and Archive.

Horst Bredow, born in 1924, achieved the rank of Leutnant zur See and was Wachtoffizier on the U-288 during World War II. Spend two years in Allied Captivity and was afterwards determined to learn what happened to his fallen comrades so he could inform their loves ones. Horst Bredow was recognized by the award of the Federal German Distinguished Service Cross and in he was invited to go to sea in the US nuclear submarine SSN Bremerton and received the distinction of having been made an honorary watch officer.

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