The Unimaginable Journey of Peter Ertel

Upcoming War History Documentaries in 2019

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Enduring Democracy: The Monterey Petition (2019)
Release: January 23

Encouraged by John Steinbeck, a group of women activists confront economic racism against Japanese Americans in 1940s Monterey, California. At a time when the fear of WWII gripped our nation, kitchen table conversations led to a door-to-door petition drive motivating citizens of the Monterey peninsula to welcome back fellow citizens held in concentration camps for 3 years solely due to their Japanese ancestry. Toni Jackson-who worked as an editor for John Steinbeck and was Ed Rickett’s common-law wife-wrote the petition, A Democratic Way of Life for All, in 1945. It stands as the only organized public resistance to the well-funded hate campaign waged against Japanese-Americans as they began the painful return home to suspicious communities. Enduring Democracy: the Monterey Petitions explores the motivations of the wealthy individuals who financed hate campaigns as well as the daring women who spearheaded the carefully thought out response. A twitter war before mobile phones, the battle was fought in the editorial pages of several local newspapers as racists emboldened by Anti-Japanese war propaganda posted full page ads to discourage Japanese Americans from returning to their homes and businesses. Inspired by Mollie Sumida’s letter to the editor written while imprisoned at the camp in Poston, AZ, local residents banded together to get their community to sign Toni Rickett’s petition pledging “the democratic way of life for all.”


Cowbown Down (2019)

“Cowboy Down” chronicles the life and service of WWII USMC fighter pilot Maj. Robert “Cowboy” Stout. A Wyoming native, Cowboy was a Guadalcanal veteran flying with the VMF-212 “Hell Hounds” in which he became an ACE pilot scoring six enemy planes and was awarded the Navy Cross. He later became the first Captain in USMC history to command a fighter squadron in combat. After Guadalcanal, Cowboy became the CO of the VMF-114 “Death Dealers” serving in Peleliu, Palau. “Cowboy Down” is in part based on fellow USMC Corsair pilot and Cowboy’s wingman, Glenn “Bud” Daniel’s book; “Cowboy Down: A WWII Marine Fighter Pilot’s Story.”

The Case of Johanna Langefeld (2018)
Release: Unknown

The film explores the only known case in the history of post-WWII era of concentration camp survivors helping the SS Commandant of the Auschwitz and Ravensbruck camps to escape prison and justice in Nazi trial.

The Unimaginable Journey of Peter Ertel (2016)

The Unimaginable Journey of Peter Ertel” is an upcoming war documentary about a German World War 2 veteran, produced by Joseph Cahn, who has been working in the film industry for 30 years.

In this documentary, German World War 2 veteran Peter Ertel tells how he barely survived the Russian Front and the Battle of Normandy, became a U.S. Government agent in postwar Germany, and began a 25-year career working for a small company owned by Orthodox Jews.

From Springdale to the Somme (2019)

A WWI Documentary Short featuring ‘The Springdale Boys’, whose efforts in the Great War still echo in their home community today.