USS Indianapolis: The Legacy

USS Indianapolis: The Legacy (Trailer – 2016)

More than a decade in the making, USS Indianapolis: The Legacy tells the fate of the World War II heavy cruiser using exclusively first-person accounts. The last crew and their families share gripping stories of kamikaze attacks, invasions, a secret mission, and ultimately a devastating torpedo attack that killed three fourths of the crew. The survivors recall the 5 days they spent floating alone in the Pacific Ocean, their miraculous rescue, and how they fought together to clear their captain’s name.

Recently, the film has grabbed the attention of multiple sold out screenings and film festivals across the country. During the West Coast Premiere at the San Diego GI Film Festival, the film won three awards, including Best Documentary Feature and the Audience Choice award.  It was awarded a special showing at the San Pedro Film Festival aboard the Battleship USS Iowa, and sold out two Special Presentation screenings at this week’s Heartland Film Festival (where overflow crowds necessitated an additional screening).

The film is now available for pre-order on iTunes US and iTunes Canada, with a special $6.99 sale running Friday, October 28th to Sunday, October 30th.

USS Indianapolis: The Legacy will arrive on VOD November 8th, and DVD & Blu-Ray November 15th. The film will also screen October 28th at the Indiana War Memorial, continuing a heartfelt roll-out that has had several of the screenings attended by USS Indianapolis survivors.

“Our Book (Only 317 Survived) is a collection of the thoughts of many of the survivors of the Indianapolis sinking, but the Legacy film is a synthesis of the innermost, intimate thoughts and feelings of the surviving Officers and Men as they relive the stress, terror and pain of the greatest tragedy at sea in the history of the United States Navy!  It is the real true story!” – John Woolston, USS Indianapolis Officer, and survivor.

Set to a soaring original score, the incredible story unfolds with rare WWII footage, a collection of previously unpublished photographs, open-ocean reenactments, and new footage from one of the last WWII era heavy cruisers in existence. USS Indianapolis: The Legacy shows us that through courage and faith, ordinary men can survive the crucible of nature, and emerge extraordinary heroes.

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