On Northamptons last attempt at towing the Hornet they attached a cable to the port anchor chain visible here leading forward. The starboard anchor is visible in the lower left of the photo.

VIDEO: Wreckage of the USS Hornet (CV-8)

A few days ago RV Petrel announced they did find the wreck of the USS Hornet (CV-8). They’re releasing photographs and video footage over time. See a 4 minute video above featuring the USS Hornet wreck in detail. Footage is full courtesy of RV Petrel.

The USS Hornet (CV-8) was sunk during the Battle of Santa Cruz Islands on the 27th of October, 1942, 140 of her crew went down with her. She was discovered on January 20, 2019 and was positivily identified, after footage from the wreck showed the Hornet’s naval designation: CV-8. The wreck was located at a depth of more than 17,000 feet (5,200 m) off the Solomon Islands.

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  1. My uncle, Ivan Michael Hirsch, was KIA aboard Hornet during the first wave of the attack. His body was never recovered from the ship before it was sunk. My father has been haunted by the death of his brother for over 76 years. Thanks to advancement in technology and the humans that make it their mission to find and honor the watery graves of WWII, our family can find some peace in knowing where our loved one lies.

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