Vladimir Putin; Putin’s Wars – Nato’s Flaws

Being there . . . . to meet and judge for yourself if Vladimir Putin is the world’s most dangerous
man and, in a second splendid read, if you believe his reasons for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
With all the world eyes on him, and his No.1 benefactor, Xi Jinping, two dramatic, tense
biographical sketches suddenly surfaced simultaneously a few months ago in Britain that
demand attention. Each author, Paul Moorcraft and James Greensmith, not only breathes life
into his characterization, but also places you nose to nose to him, allowing a quick leap into his
mind, values, and possible future military strategies. The tense, frighful journey will leave you
appalled and shaken. Is World War III that close?
“VLADIMIR PUTIN – – The World’s Most Dangerous Man?”, by James Greensmith. Pen & Sword
HISTORY, Pen & Sword Ltd: 2023, 183 pages, 6 ¼” x 9 ½”, hardcover, $34.95. Visit,
www.penandswordbooks.com, E-mail, Uspen-and-sword@casematepublish.com
“PUTIN’S WARS -NATO’S FLAWS – – Why Russia Invaded Ukraine”, Paul Moorcraft. Pen & Sword
MILITARY, Pen & Sword Ltd: 2023, 187 pages, 6 ½” x 9 ½”, hardcover, $36.95. Visit,
www.penandswordbooks.com, E-mail, Uspen-and-sword@casematepublish.com
Reviewed and highly recommended by Don DeNevi
Author James Greensmith, in his absorbing one-page “Author’s Note”, sets the tone of his
book by revealing that Putin has a serious personality disorder. “But what?”, he asks. “He most
certainly has elements of both the narcissist and the psychopath. Was he born that way, a
narcissist and a psychopath, or did he become one and, if so, was this brought on by his
experiences of life, or was there more to it than that? As a top medical man, he then calmly,
orderly and in deadly seriousness offers his unique, and new insight while lifting Putin’s mask
and having you delve with what appears to be on the surface to be compatible congeniality. He
asks, “How can it be that after the horrors of the 20 th century attributable to the likes of Stalin,
Hitler, and pol pot, that another monster has arisen to threaten the peace of the world, namely
Vladimir Putin of Russia?
“PUTIN’S WARS – NATO’S FLAWS – – Why Russia Invaded Ukraine” begins by arguing that the
new Stalin’s actions must be understood, if not forgiven. With the Ukraine war seen as a proxy
war of NATO versus Russia, how likely is the fighting to spread?
Paul, the author, a highly respected journalist and political commentator, explains why
Russia invaded a sovereign neighbor. To what extent did NATO’s expansion to Russia’s borders
in the aftermath of the Cold War provoke Putin? Etc., etc.” The war in Ukraine has had
worldwide impact with cost of living, food, and energy crises and raised the risk of nuclear
Armageddon by accident or intent. Thus, this book has innate appeal, and not just to military
buffs. James examines the complex military and political issues in layman’s language while the
story is told as a compelling historical narrative. Professor Moorcraft, who has worked in
Ukraine and has witnessed Russian troops in action in Afghanistan and other theatres, is
superbly qualified to write this work.

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