War as a Fruitful Topic for College Essays

Finding a topic for your English 101 essay is a relatively easy task; however, sometimes, a student can run out ideas, whether because of burnout or a requirement of the professor. So, searching online for free college research topic for your assignment is rather easy, but I would recommend one particular direction – war. I know, it may sound cheesy and all, but hear me out – you can easily find samples of writing about this topic because of its popularity, especially now. We all know that the world is kind of tense now, so there’s at least some benefit of the situation.

Some basic reasons why you should consider writing about war

Let us begin with the first and most obvious reason – writing about war is rather easy, and you can find samples of essay about different wars. We have to face the truth – humankind just can’t go without war, so there is plenty of material to work with. College essay examples give different perspectives on the consequences of armed conflicts and other stuff of that kind. After all, there are the World Wars, various civil wars, and some of the more ancient ones like Mongol Conquests or Alexander the Great’s campaign. So, the list of samples is quite large, and you can find something to work with. 

A possibility to look into the future

Writing about war is quite entertaining because it can change your personal perspective on some of the most famous armed conflicts. The list of reasons can be extensive and range from some crazy conspiracy theories to the covert political operations that have the purpose of giving a nation a mutual enemy. Even more, you can write about a different World War. I mean, we all know about the recent tensions in the international arena. After all, the conflict between the US and Iran has been labeled as the precursor of the new World War. Quite a fruitful topic for creative and analytical writing and can do you a service in the college.

A chance to get better understanding of the political arena

A simple online search with keywords such as “war” can yield lots of free information about everything going on around the world. For example, the Syrian conflict. Yes, we know about the refugees that are trying to escape the region, but does everyone know about the reasons behind it, except the largely acknowledged tyranny of the country’s president? Well, there are multiple entities involved: the US, Russia, Turkey, and so on and so forth. Anyway, it is an awesome college research topic because of the simple reason that it can give you considerable insight into the politics, atmosphere, and directions of the most powerful countries in the world.


Writing about war is a fruitful topic for your college essay for a number of reasons. First of all, there’s lots of information online about the wars around the world. Secondly, the number of armed conflicts during the history of humankind is actually astonishing, so you will be able to find the one most interesting to you. Thirdly, analyzing the current wars is a great chance to peak into the potential future of our civilization, especially considering the current turbulent times. Fourthly, working with the topic of war is a great way of getting to know about the most powerful countries in the world, their motivation, actions, and distribution of global power. Finally, you can just find lots of essay samples online and enhance your own understanding of history, politics, and economics. Quite a lot of reasons to pick war as a college research topic.