Nathan G. Slater Interview

WATCH: Interview with WWII Veteran Nathan G. Slater serving in Normandy & Ardennes

Nathan G. Slater was born in December of 1924 to Aaron and Ella Jane Slater. He was the 5th of 10 children (7 boys, 3 girls). His father, Aaron, was a blaster and a water well driller. His mother, Ella, was a  home maker. Nathan and four of his brother (Kenny, Roy, Russell and Aaron) served in the armed forces during World War 2, of whom 3 served in the Pacific (Roy, Russell and Aaron) and two served in Europe.

Nathan G. Slater spent over two years in the European Theater, where he served as a lead loader in B Battery of the 116th Anti Aircraft Artillery Battalion Mobile (First Army, VII Corps). His task as load leader was to shove the shell into the barrel of the gun before it fired. He took part in Exercise Tiger and the battles in Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland and campaigns in Central Europe. Earning himself 5 battle stars during the war.

After the war ended, Nathan married Lorraine Dodd. They had two sons and a daughter. Nathan worked in the family water well drilling business, Slater Well Drilling, for about 40 years, drilling water wells throughout Northern New Jersey and Southern New York. In 1986 he and Lorraine retired to Gulf Coast of Florida. Lorraine died in 2011.

This interview was created and directed by Suzanne De Gregorio and Scott Cozad. Thanks, Scott and Suzanne! To all enthousiasts: in November a second interview might be recorded.

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