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Watch The Most Popular World War 2 Short films

We have compiled some of the most popular short films that are freely to be watched on social media together into one list. Based upon views, filming, story and general appreciation by the public. Enjoy various hours with watching these World War 2 short films. You are free to let me know if I’ve missed a top World War 2 short film, go to contact. We can always help you launch your short film!

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Freund (2017)
Directed by: Nathan Cragun

This 7-minute World War 2 Short film, “Freund”, features the story of a German sniper (Dieter) who questions the morality of his actions after coming face to face with his enemy.

Esperanca (2017)
Directed by: Nathan Cragun

World War II Short film, “Esperanca”, tells the story of an often overlooked subject. The Brazilian Expeditionary Force during World War 2.

After being separated from his unit during the battle for Montese, a Brazilian soldier fights a battle with himself to continue on. He must see if he has the hope and will to move on.

Bunker 611 (2019)
Directed by: Lex Meijer

It is the year 1944. Herman and Dietrich were summoned by the German army to strengthen the Atlantic Wall. They will be responsible for Bunker 611 with their division. There is not much happening on the German front, they are bored. Until the day they are attacked.

What Manner of Men (2014)
Directed by: Josh Fortune

When Flight Sergeant Richard Brown bails out over the Arnhem battlefield during Operation Market Garden, he finds himself in brutal fight on the ground, fighting a losing battle against superior German opposition. Can he persuade a stubborn handful of Airborne soldiers to surrender before it is too late?

The German (2007)
Directed by: Nick Ryan

A British fighter pilot pursues the german ace that shot down his friend across sky and country… with murder in mind. But he discovers it’s not so easy to kill a man when you have to look them in the eye.

Jugend (2018)
Directed by: Alessandro Pepe

A World War 2 Short film on the 12. SS-Panzer-Division “Hitlerjugend” during the Normandy Invasion in 1944.

Kurland 44 (2016)
Directed by: ParaLight WorkX

A young soldier named Karl Franke has been shipped to Courland and must prove himself to his fellow soldiers in his first mission.

Our Father (2016)
Directed by: Calum Rhys

The Second World War is experienced through the journey of Private Cole, a dramatic study of the contrasting nature between the innocence of childhood and the reality of war, and the emotional struggle that accompanies it. An odyssey of sorrow, friendship, innocence and adventure set against a canvas of war-torn France.

Verstaubt Sind Die Gesichter (Episode 5) (2018)
Directed by: ParaLight WorX

The failure of operationen Zitadelle has put the Wehrmacht on the defensive. While it is involved in fierce retreat battles in the south of the Eastern Front, the 4th Army under General Heinrici succeeds in maintaining its position with only minor losses in the central front section. Since the summer, the Red Army has been running in vain against the entrenched landers in the so-called Rollbahn battles. Otto, who is still struggling with the death of Erich, in the meantime waits with his comrades for the onset of winter.

Across Frontiers (2017)
Directed by: Zak Jarvis

On the 8th September 1943, thousands of allied PoWs escaped into the Italian countryside following the country’s surrender. The occupying Germans hunted these escapers who were helped and sheltered by the brave and kind Italian Contadini, farmers who put their families and homes at great risk by doing so.

Gutless (2018)
Directed by: Nathan Cragun

A young soldier, conflicted by his past, is faced with his greatest obstacle: himself.