Reinhard Hardegen

WATCH: Reinhard Hardegen of U-123 & U-147 Interview

Reinhard Hardegen Interview

In June 2015 an interesting interview has unearthed on YouTube of U-Boat Commander Reinhard Hardegen, who is the last living U-Boat captain. Korvettenkapitän Hardegen was born on 18 March 1913 and is still living at the age of 102! He was one of the Top 25 German U-boat commanders, sinking a total of 22 ships, amounting to 115,656 gross register tons (GRT) sunk.

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  1. I enjoy reading your articles on Word War 2.

    I especially like those rare photos of American and German soldiers, during a short truce of speaking or sharing thoughts of home. Agreed they are rare moments but it shows the humanity of both sides.

    Keep up the great job !

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