Razvedchitsy (Spies)

Watch TV-Series Razvedchitsy (Spies) online for free!

Razvedchitsy also known as Spies is a Russian 2013 World War II Drama TV-Series. The TV-series consists of 12 episodes (each ca. 50 minutes). Razvedchitsy (Spies) tells the story of two young secret agents. Cast of the series include Svetlana Ivanova, Evgeniy Pronin and Svetlana Ustinova.

In 1941, Arina and Zoya are hired by the NKVD to become secret agents who will go behind the enemy lines in Riga, Crimea, Poland, and Germany. They have to fight adversaries and enemies but also their own fear and convictions.

Epic Media has put the TV-Series online on YouTube. You can watch all the episodes for free! Under each episode you will find a synopsis of that particular episode. All episodes contain English subtitles which need to be activated with clicking on the ‘CC’ symbol. 

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Episode 1


Arina wants to dedicate her life to the Motherland and talks into her groom, cadet artilleryman Volodya Semyonov to write a statement in the city committee, so that the Party and the government can have them at their discretion. Volodya resists. Arina convinces him to sell the family ring of Prozorovsky, – the parents wedding gift, – and to give the government a tank or an airplane for the money. This conversation is heard by Zoe, an assistant to a dangerous recidivist nicknamed Raven. Zoe has wanted to escape from a tough Raven with her five-year-old daughter Katya, but she doesn’t have money to start an independent life. Zoe decides to rob Prozorovsky, and plans to do it herself. But Raven learns about Zoe’s intention and makes her take him to the apartment of Prozorovsky.

The raid coincides with the arrival of officers of the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the USSR (NKVD). They have a warrant for the arrest of Arina’s father, Pavel Timofeevich. While shooting, Raven kills all officers. In the shootout Arina’s mother is killed. Pavel Timofeevich is seriously injured. Arina is traumatized from the very beginning, loses consciousness. Zoe manages to outwit Raven. They are already close to get on the train, but Volodya, who meets the general at the station, recognizes Zoe. Zoe is sent to prison. Because of the loss of consciousness, Arina can’t explain to investigators what happened. There is a suspicion that the Prozorovsky’s resisted arrest and killed officers. Arina was sent to the same prison as Zoya. Just at this time, Major Vorotynnikov and Lieutenant Petrov come to prison. They need recruits for a new scouting school.

Episode 2


Vorotynnikov makes the girls an offer to study in scouting school. He is attracted by Arina’s analytical mind and excellent knowledge of languages (her father is a philologist-professor). And about Zoe – a quick reaction, good tactical skills. Arina accepts the invitation with joy, Zoya – just to avoid punishment. Girls begin to study with other students. Arina is good in all subjects, except for physical training. Zoe has no problems only in physical training. Arina has a difficult relationship with Major Vorotynnikov.

It’s an old scout who always talks less than he knows. He appreciates Arina, sees her intellect is much higher than other cadets. But it’s the reason Vorotynnikov treats Arina more strictly than the rest, sometimes presses on the girl to temper her character. Lieutenant Petrov likes Zoe, but he doesn’t start a relationship with her. Petrov is a valiant servant, and the Charter is the most important thing for him.

Episode 3


Vorotynnikov allows Arina to marry Volodya. The war begins. The girls are sent to the first task. In occupied Riga they must find a Soviet scientist, Professor Serebrov, and ensure his evacuation to Moscow. Arina and Zoe are not happy with the joint appointment, but they don’t discuss the orders. From the very beginning the operation isn’t going according to plan. During the landing, the eldest student in the group Nadezhda dies. Tatyana, who took the place of the commander of the group, behaves strangely. The image of death, the widespread defeats of the Soviet troops make her give up. Arina and Zoye understand: Tatiana doesn’t want to fulfill the mission.

Episode 4


Arina and Zoe are forced to forget about mutual hostility: it is necessary to fulfill the mission. The girls have to make a hard decision and kill Tatiana, which puts the task on the verge of failure. Zoya is a chief of the group. The girls arrive in Riga. It becomes clear that the mission is more complicated than supposed. Serebrov is hunted by the Gestapo and the Mi-6. In addition, it becomes clear that Serebrov doesn’t want to come back to the USSR, knowing they want to start a case on treason against him there. Having survived the dangers, the girls take Serebrov out of Riga. Zoe hopes Arina will forgive her, as a battle friend. But Arina makes it clear: for her Zoe will always be an enemy.

Episode 5


Arina has friendly relations with the instructor of the scouting school, the German Matilda. Arina finds out that her father survived after the attack, but he has a criminal case. Because of military confusion, nothing is known. Our troops leave Kiev. Arina and Zoe stay in Kiev under the guise of nuns. Archimandrite Veniamin and military specialist Shapkin, who performs the role of priest, stay with the girls too. The group must find a downed Soviet plane near Kiev. The military engineer was carrying secret documents about the trials of Katyusha on it. These papers should not fall into the Germans hands in no case. Zoe and Shapkin manage to find the plane and destroy the documents. But they immediately fall into the hands of the Germans.

Episode 6


Arina faces a difficult choice. She must save Zoe, whom she hates with all her heart. But Arina manages to step over her feelings. In the forest, Arina and Veniamin accidentally meet a Soviet detachment emerging from the encirclement. Arina can convince the detachment commander, a young lieutenant, to attack the Germans and save Zoe and Shapkin. Arina and the lieutenant are developing an elegant combination. Zoe and Shapkin are released. But the price is high: many fighters died, among them the lieutenant himself. In addition, the Germans tortured Shapkin and he couldn’t go. Shapkin is forced to commit suicide: he knows important information and he can’t fall into the hands of the Germans.

Episode 7


1943 year. Arina and Zoya are already experienced scouts. But their relationships are still difficult. In addition, Arina has a permanent depression: her husband is missing at the front, and nothing is known about her father. As for Zoe, Lieutenant Petrov really likes her and she likes him. But Petrov still doesn’t dare to start a relationship. Arina, Zoe and Petrov are sent to the next task under the pretext of businessmen. In Polotsk, a reserve German division is stationed, which is about to be sent to the front. It is extremely important to find out where the division will be sent exactly. Voron is settled in Polotsk now. He knows that Zoe works on the Redfins. Voron is preparing to benefit from this situation.

Episode 8


The girls have to flirt with the German staff officers to get information. Petrov is between two fires. He must organize this flirtation. But the lieutenant is in love with Zoe. And for him it is very hard. Arina has a boyfriend: an elegant pilot of noble origin Gunther von Rickert. Relations develop rapidly, and Rickert makes Arina an offer soon. For the fulfillment of the task, Arina has to marry Rickert, although this makes her suffer. Circumstances are complicated. Raven comes out on scouts and demands money. In case of refusal, he threatens to go to the secret police. Petrov manages to kill Raven. Arina mines plans of the division. But Zoe is seriously injured. After returning to Moscow Zoe lies down in the hospital. Arina is hard at experiencing her forced romance with a German. Vorotynnikov decides that Arina’s psyche is broken. And she can’t be sent to tasks anymore.

Episode 9


1944 year. Zoe leaves the hospital. Arina works as an instructor in the scouting school. Arina has already accumulated many claims to the communist ideology. She is no longer such an idealist as she was at the beginning of the war. It is hard for her to have no news about Volodya. Zoe begins to appreciate everything that the Soviet government has done for her. Arina gets a new task from Vorotynnikov. A peaceful life is unbearable for her, she wants to fight, she wants to die. Scouts receive a new task. Soviet troops approach Poland. The Germans understand the situation is not in their favor. They are trying to attract Polish partisans to their side. The Polish partisans want to hold a general congress. Our scouts know that an important role at the congress will have the Polish partisan and politician Zbignev Ternovetsky. Surely his voice will be decisive. The problem is that his intentions are unknown.

The task of the scouts is to find out the plans of Ternovetsky, and to liquidate him, in case he advocates an alliance with the Germans. Arina goes to Poland as a Polish patriot from Vienna. And arranged in the protection of Ternovetsky (he is an ex-actor and loves outrage). Zoe and Petrov are near, portraying small businessmen. Arina manages to find out that Ternovetsky is going to agitate for an alliance with the Germans against the Red Army. Scouts are ready to liquidate Ternovetsky. But then Arina notices Volodya, surrounded by Zbignev. And breaks the attempt … Petrov and Zoe don’t know about Volodya. They are forced to shoot and run. Petrov is injured in the leg.

Episode 10


Petrov and Zoe decide to get to their people together. Zoe puts all her strength, drags Petrov on herself. Petrov understands they will not get out. He wants to send Zoe alone. Zoe refuses flatly. Finally there is an explanation between Petrov and Zoe. They admit they love each other. Guys manage to get out. Petrov makes an offer to Zoe. Arina is in the hands of the Poles. Because of the assassination attempt, her legend is revealed. However, Arina, deftly manipulates Zbignev and she manages to disrupt the unification of the Poles against the Red Army. Arina is not in danger anymore.

It turns out that Volodya was captured in the forty-first. He was taken to Germany, but he fled and got into the Polish partisan detachment, where he fought the whole war. The Soviet command’s plans suddenly change. To separate the Poles, it was decided to provoke a war between Polish partisan detachments. Arina should help a group of Soviet saboteurs, under the guise of Poles, to destroy the detachment in which Volodya fights. Arina makes a decision. Knowing her actions would be regarded as treason, she tries to disrupt the operation and save Volodya. Destruction of the detachment doesn’t work. Volodya is saved, but he is seriously wounded.

Episode 11


Arina understands the Red Army will be in Poland soon. And then she and Volodya will be repressed. They have to escape from Poland. In love with Volodya, the partisan Hrisia an ethnic German woman, offers Volodya and Arina to go to her homeland, to Rudolstadt. Volodya and Arina under the guise of a seriously wounded soldier Wehrmacht and his wife, go to Germany. The act of Arina responds to Petrov and Zoe lifes. They worked in the same group, and they are responsible for the operation. But Petrov and Zoe don’t know that Arina met Volodya and therefore can’t explain her actions.

The investigator suggests them to write a denunciation of Arina, that she worked for the German scout service. Guys are discussing the situation. Over the years they ‘ve known Arina well. They are sure that she is not a traitor. Probably, she had strong motives to do what she did. Petrov and Zoe refuse to write a denunciation and go to jail. The last days of the war. Arina, Volodya and Hrisia live in Rudolstadt. Volodya recovered after a serious injury. He needs medicines, but there is no money. Once in the town Arina notices a truck drived by Abwehr officer. She finds out that there are secret documents about the “double” agents of the Abwehr all over the world. Arina has a bold plan.

Episode 12


Officer Abwehr wants to sell these documents to US intelligence. But Arina kidnaps the bag with the archive microfilms. Then Arina goes to the Soviet command. She offers to buy this archive. Otherwise, she will sell it to the Americans. On the money Arina expects to leave to France with Volodya. Moscow accepts the Arina’s proposal. The Abwehr archive is a very valuable thing. At the same time, the intelligence leadership understands that such an experienced scout officer as Arina could easily memorize or copy a part of the archive and play a double game. Therefore, the following decision was taken: appoint Arina to meet and capture her, or liquidate, and take the archive. The executors of the operation are Petrov and Zoe, who worked together with Arina and know her methods perfectly. They are released from prison and sent to Germany. Arina appoints a meeting in the territory controlled by US troops.

Petrov and Zoe make a decision and act on their own plan during the operation. As a result, they find out about Volodya and understand what the actions of Arina were caused by. Petrov, Zoe, Arina and Volodya tries to find a compromise. Arina and Zoe finally forgive each other. Arina gives Petrov an archive. And Zoya gives Arina the family ring of Prozorovsky, which she has stolen before the war. Then Petrov and Zoya come back to Soviet territory. They give the archive. And they report that Arina had to be killed. Arina and Volodya are preparing to go to France. But it turns out that Major Vorotynnikov in advance calculated how Petrov and Zoe will act. Vorotynnikov personally goes to Arina and makes an offer. Arina will work for Soviet scouting in France. Vorotynnikov will try to find a way to remove from Arina the charge of treason. Arina doesn’t give an answer. But it is clear: the history of scouts adventures will continue…