What Manner of Men

WATCH: What Manner of Men (WWII Shortfilm)

What Manner of Men

When Flight Sergeant Richard Brown bails out over the Arnhem battlefield during Operation Market Garden, he finds himself in brutal fight on the ground, fighting a losing battle against superior German opposition. Can he persuade a stubborn handful of Airborne soldiers to surrender before it is too late?

This shortfilm was written & Directed by Josh Fortune and is a Black Ant Films / Mission Media Production.

For those interested, and if you still didn’t watch it, take a look at another shortfilm called The German. A British fighter pilot pursues the german ace that shot down his friend across sky and country… with murder in mind. But he discovers it’s not so easy to kill a man when you have to look them in the eye.


You can also take a look to our photographic article on Operation Market Garden, containing 37 photographs.

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  1. Nice job indeed. one or two minor mistakes that I spotted. RAMC shoulder title was not worn on the denison smock, and Mk II stens had been replaced by Mk V stens at Arnhem. Other than that,, bravo indeed.

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