Winston Churchill’s Secret Agents: Mysteries of World War II

Winston Churchill was an outstanding politician, speaker, writer, and national leader. He is famous for many things, but mainly for leading the UK throughout WWII. He played the main role in creating the Alliance and maintaining good relationships within it and with the USA. He also created  Churchill’s Secret Agents’ network throughout the whole world to fight the Nazis. Let’s have a closer look at some of the exciting pages of his biography.

A Man of Many Talents

Sir Winston Churchill was truly an extraordinary man. However, in his early years, he didn’t show any academic success and had low grades in school. He was born to an aristocratic family on 30 November 1874. His grandfather was a Member of Parliament. He joined the Royal Cavalry in 1895 and traveled around the world both as a soldier and a journalist. He went to Cuba, Afghanistan, South Africa, and Egypt. However, he had many other talents that are not known to the public. First of all, he was a prominent writer and even won a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953. Winston Churchill’s books were mainly historical and were praised for details and objectivity. Many people find Winston Churchill’s quotes funny and inspiring. He once said- “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

Not many people know that Churchill was also a talented artist. Some of his 500 paintings were accepted to the Royal Academy of Arts. Picasso said that if Churchill would want to be a professional artist, he would make a living.

He is also known for his wisdom and sense of humor. Not surprisingly, he was voted the greatest man in British history by BBC’s 2002 poll. He also contributed to an English dictionary, coming up with several new words like, for example, “summit” and “quisling”.

Political Carrier, WWII Leadership and Secret Agents Network

“The true guide of life is to do what is right” is one of the inspiring quotes by Sir Winston Churchill. His political career was full of ups and downs, but it all led him to be the most outstanding wartime leader in history. He was speaking openly about the German threat even before WWII started. And when the time came, he knew exactly what to do. He put the whole country’s efforts toward victory and united people with hope. Not only has he been a starter of the Alliance, and he also created a secret league of spies and assassins that played a great role in the war.

Special Operation Executives (SEO) were recruited from all backgrounds and skills, that could help to beat the Nazi. The total number of agents was about 13,000, they had settled in different countries.

The agents went through intense physical and mental training. Secret agent Robert Maloubier, a French-born and based SEO, remembers the training and the tasks vividly. He is now retired and writes about war and the role Britain had in the French resistance. After the war was over he implemented his skills to train the French secret service.

All of the agents were highly-trained spies with well-designed stories. They helped resistances in occupied countries. They were acting on the territories where other types of fighting couldn’t be used. They are also praised for such acts, like:

  • The assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the man behind the Holocaust;
  • Organization of the French Resistance network;
  • Ending of the Nazi Atomic program. They destroyed the heavy water plant in Vemork and left Germans no chance of building an atomic bomb.

In 1946 the organization was dismissed. But their role in winning the war is praised and remembered. There is also a Netflix series about secret agents. However, many of their day-to-day tasks of resisting Nazi remain undiscovered.


Sir Winston Churchill is such a prominent figure, that it is almost impossible to encapsulate all that he did for his country and world peace. His legacy remains in his quotes, books, paintings, and Churchill’s successor politicians.  “It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.” – he said once and it is a perfect description of everything he did. He strongly believed in victory and led the nation to it.



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