World War I and Its impact on Universities in the UK and US

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How Did World War I affect Universities in the UK

As the war progressed, more British citizens chose to give up on their education, join forces, and take part in the war. Enrolled students felt that it was their responsibility to defend their countries, so they gave up on their academic dreams to become military personnel

One of the effects of WW1 on Britain is that academia suffered great losses as professors and students went missing in action or passed away. At the same time, private spending on education declined as Britain wanted to devote more resources to war. Different effects took place across the ocean in America.

Before WW1, most universities and colleges were private institutions that depended greatly on private income. But as the war progressed and things got worse, these academic organizations approached the government for help. The British government realized that education would play a significant role in achieving victory. College students and graduates could come up with inventions or share scientific research that helps their home country win.

War of Scientists

The 20th century marks the beginning of the scientific revolution and the modern era of technology. During the first years of WW1, it was clear that this new war will be the war of scientists. Scientists began to acquire a prestigious state away from academic circles. Being a successful scientist didn’t just mean submitting a high-quality dissertation. A prestigious and knowledgeable scientist could provide actual help that could lead the whole country and its allies towards victory. Respect associated with new scientific inventions and how they were designed to replace traditional ways is one of the major effects of World War 1. The war resulted in a general acknowledgment that success is achievable only if the society is paying attention to academic research, writing, studies, and students.

Effects of WW1 on Britain

Due to the conditions of war, more male students, teachers and professors had to give up on education and join the army or provide other services that would benefit their community. This means that there was a shortage that had to be filled. Retired teachers and senior students were given an opportunity to teach in order to fill the void. At the same time, women found a good chance to teach in college and universities.

Female students found that it’s time they joined these prestigious academic institutions that didn’t favor them a lot before. This is also one of the good effects of the First World War. They were joining fields that were previously restricted to men. However, they didn’t totally take over as there were still male students seeking higher education.

At the same time, there were some negative circumstances that students and professors needed to face. Some facilities and buildings that belonged to colleges or universities were destroyed. Academic staff needed serious help to secure spots for students to study and pursue their dreams. At the same time, some buildings were used as hospitals or stations to manufacturing war supplies.

How War Changed the University Life in the US

Things were a little bit challenging in the US, and the impact of World War 1 was different. Life in most American cities wasn’t affected as much as the major cities in Europe. As a matter of fact, this war was a chance for America to emerge as a world industrial and military leader. There was a great emphasis on scientific research that would help in winning the war.

However, due to war expenses, workers were laid off, and the US suffered from a major recession. This means that fewer people were able to seek higher education, as they needed to get jobs to secure their living.

Understanding the historical impact of important events teaches us a lot about the present and future. Whether you’re studying history or simply working on an assignment, you can do a little reading to see how great men and women changed the face of the world.