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Argunners Magazine serves a niche of military and history enthusiasts, writers, students, movie fans and many more. Our site’s global popularity skyrocketed, with viewers all over the world visiting each day to see the latest news, stories, reviews, reports and (photographic) documentaries. Our fan base is large, growing and highly engaged across various (media) channels.

Argunners Magazine was launched in January 2015. In 2015, Argunners Magazine, received over 1,500,000 millions views.

Have what it takes?

You don’t need experience to be accepted as a writer or any of your articles as long as it is good and meet certain requirements. You can read the article submission guidelines here. It also doesn’t have to be a long text-written article on a certain subject. Argunners Magazine is also looking for photographic documentaries, videos, infographics and so on.


I’m looking for people that are willing to write on the following subjects:

Articles on occurrences related to History

If something happened in the world that is related to history such as excavations (of remains), findings or a passing of a former known soldier and so on…

 Articles on War History & Major Battles

  • Napoleonic Era
    • Major battles such as: Battle of Marengo, Battle of Abukir, Battle of Alexandria, Battle of Copenhagen, Battle of Trafalgar, Battle of Austerlitz, Battle of Jena-Auerstedt, Battle of Eylau, Battle of Friedland, Battle of Vimiero, Battle of Somosierra, Battle of Eckmühl, Battle of Aspern-Essling, Battle of Wagram, Battle of Talavera, Battle of Salamanca, Battle of Borodino, Battle of Lützen, Battle of Bautzen, Battle of Vitoria, Battle of Dresden, Battle of Leipzig, Battle of Paris and Battle of Waterloo.
  • World War I 
  • World War II
  • Vietnam War

Photographic Documentaries

One of our most popular articles on our Magazine are Then & Now reports, Unseen / Rare images or Colorized Images. Argunners Magazine is therefor always searching for photographers and travelers that are willing to share their images or create photographic documentaries of their trips, then & now shots and so on.

Note: The images have to be taken by you (or close family, relatives, friends …) or images of which you have the rights (or written permission from the rights-holder) to publish, distribute and, or copy. Pubic domain images are always allowed, if such images are colorized, the colorization has to be done by you.


Should you prefer creating infographics then it is most certainly welcome. You can create infographics on statistics of war, casualties and, or facts and plenty more.


Did you create a great video of your trip to a historical location? Made an interview with someone (such as a veteran or war movie producer / actor)? Shot a video on a news item or occurrence related to history? Created a shortfilm? And so much more… ?

Contact us with a link to the video or give us a description first (before transferring the video (anti spam and safety measurement)) to find out if Argunners Magazine is interested to feature your video. NEW: Should you be interested to sell than Argunners Magazine can be interested to purchase your video (exclusive rights).


Are you interested to write reviews for Argunners Magazine? Contact us with your preferred area of interest and examples of your recent or older reviews. Reviews can be of books, movies and museums.


Argunners.com receives an average of 50,000-100,000 unique visitors and 200,000-350,000 page views each month (Google Analytics). Many of the stories are highly shareable and often viral on social networks so your work may go viral all over the world.

Did you know that Argunners Magazine has been featured in the Daily Mail, Mirror, Business Insider, La Tercera (Article in Printed Newspaper edition), Huffington Post, Io9 and various other international media outlets?! So your work can get famous.


Everything depends on what you send in and if Argunners Magazine will feature it.

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