Ammunition of the Yamagiri Maru (Credits: Brandi Mueller)

Yamagiri Maru Shipwreck in Truk Lagoon

Yamagiri Maru Wreck

The Yamagiri Maru was a 133m (437ft) passenger/cargo carrier launched in 1939 and converted to a military transport ship in 1941. This ship was damaged by two torpedoes in 1943 from the submarine USS Drum and repaired in Rabaul before sailing to Truk and then sank by dive bombers from the Yorktown and Bunker Hill.

Sitting at 36m (120ft) with its shallowest parts around 18m (60ft), this Yamagiri Maru’s most interesting feature is in hold #5. On their way to be delivered to the battleships Yamato and Mushashi were Armor piercing shells 45cm (18in) long, weighing over 3000 pounds each, that could be hurled 38 kilometers. These gun rounds were for the largest guns ever made for a battleship, the largest American battleships had only 40cm (16in) guns.

Being a lover of macro ocean life, I couldn’t help but be amazed at all the little creatures that could be found making their homes in these sunken ships. One second the dive guide would be pointing out 45cm ammunition and the next moment I would find a nudibranch crawling its way up across the bow of the WWII wreck. Anemones seem to have happily made their homes all over the wrecks and their respective anemone fish eagerly come up to look at you, looking back at them.

She went under taking 11 crew members down with her.

Photographs of the Yamagiri Maru Wreck:

Ammunition of the Yamagiri Maru (Credits: Brandi Mueller)
Ammunition of the Yamagiri Maru (Credits: Argunners)

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